In Jan/20/2019, we got new capital that guarantee Digit Slate keep going in the next 3 years. The investor ask Digit Slate team to realize application of investment. Finally we ended up Digit Slate 2.0.

Based on internet, the Digit Slate platform aims to provide investors around the world with high-quality financial assets in accordance with the laws of real world, and then integrate high-quality financial assets around the world to provide investors with a one-stop trading platform for high-quality financial assets.

The Digit Slate platform takes cryptocurrencies as the medium of exchange, utilizes global liquidity of cryptocurrencies to allocate high-quality assets and simultaneously provides new application scenarios for the development and growth of cryptocurrencies.

The Digit Slate fund holding different kinds of large scale asset-class ETFs around the world. Long-term solid ETFs investment will bring considerable compound impressive return. Non-hyped repurchase and burn plan make liquidity and price guarantee at the same time.

On the Digit Slate financial asset trading platform, investors can:

(1)Enjoy professional investment advice and buy the global most high-quality financial assets through financial product suppliers to achieve hedging and appreciation of personal assets.

(2) Invest in cryptocurrencies with a low threshold and enjoy the huge potential growth of cryptocurrency.

(3) Dispose of the non- performing assets of traditional or cryptocurrencies to liberate the liquidity of assets bound by the non-performing assets.

(4) Enjoy the potential capital dividend brought by the growth of the platform.